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Just some general questions answered that I frequently get asked!! Please fill out my contact form if you have any additional questions.


Where is the pricing for your elopement and other event packages?

I don't have my elopement or other event pricing on my website because every event is so different! Please fill out my contact form and I will get in touch with you ASAP! Be sure to include details such as event type, location and guest count so I can give you a more accurate, personalized quote!


Do you have recommended vendors?

Yes I do! Vendors are so important and a huge part of your big day being flawless! I have a recommended vendor list that includes photographers, DJs, caterers, florists and more that you can look over when you officially book me!


Do you travel?

HECK YES! I love travelling with my whole heart! I will travel inside AZ, other US states and out of country!! With that being said, please make sure to provide the location of your event when filling out my form so I can adjust pricing accordingly! I will also work with your budget to the best of my ability so please reach out!!


"I have a tight budget, but I really want you to plan my wedding!"

Email me, call me, reach out to me! I will absolutely work with your budget to the best of my ability! I want you to have the most beautiful day ever and I would love to work with you! Don't hesitate to chat!!

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